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CV. Anugerah Tiga Bintang is a goods provider company specializing in laboratory equipment, medical devices, machinery, mechanical, electrical, pharmaceutical and various other goods and needs. The company was established on September 07, 2016 under the inauguration of notary Rinawati Mahmudah, SH. with deed Number 01 in South Tangerang. Over the past 6 years, the company has completed several works carried out by the government, and some from the private sector.


"Become a company that is able to provide equipment needs in its field for government and private sectors by adding single provider relationships throughout Indonesia"


Always participate in the procurement of goods, especially those in accordance with the company's qualifications

Increase the relationship of single providers throughout Indonesia

Maintain the good name of the company by prioritizing service to users who are consumers of the company

As well as being able to compete with all providers throughout Indonesia


Goverment Sector

Industrial Sector


Biosafety Level of Microbiology Laboratory

The application of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in microbiology laboratories is a form of effort to minimize work accidents. Therefore, procedures are needed that can be applied by researchers or laboratory workers while working. In this case, the procedure used is the laboratory biosafety level.

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